Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Goin' Cruisin'

As I prepare to take off for a little rest and relaxation with my husband on our yearly cruise, I realize that I will not be blogging for about two weeks. I was thinking how I could provide something for those of you who might like finding some new resources for your classroom through this blog, while I am gone. Many of you have just started reading the blog and may have missed out on the almost two years of posts that have appeared here. So, I thought I would choose some of the posts that were not connected to a special date or time, and give you a list of links that will take you to specific blog posts that you might have missed and would have an interest in. It was fun for me to go back and see the many and varied websites that I had heard about and then passed on to my readers.
I know that this list will keep you very busy while I am gone and you may not even be ready for anything new when I get back. However, I know I will be way behind in my listening to podcasts and reading blogs, but I know I will have lots of new things once I catch up.

So, here goes - Check these out if you missed them when they were first printed - from the archives of Tech Teach Seminar Updates:

Tutorial Videos
Playing With Photos – Fun For You and Your Students
Keyboarding Across the USA
Need Some Funding?
Circling Illinois – Where I Talk About A Site That Allows You To Create Your Own Stationary
On The Road Again Where I Introduced Science Story Books
Taking Some Courses Where I Introduced Citation Maker
Looking For A Bad Link? Where I Talk About The Way Back Machine

Revisit To VoiceThread and Some Other 2.0 Tools
A New Online Story Site - Speakaboos
Another Great Free Teacher Tool – The Teacher Corner
Family Internet Safety
Non-Fiction Reading for the Younger Students
A New Online Story Site – Mrs. P’s
The Best Thanksgiving Website I Have Seen
You Tubes for The Little Ones
Copyright Info – Free Digital Images
Next Vista – Free Music and Sounds
A Great Graph Maker and Free
PBS Launches New Reading Website
Picturing America
You Tube-Then Teacher Tube-Now School Tube
Something You Do Not Have To Pay For – Class Tools
Some Flash Games For The Younger Set
Know Some Student Teachers or First Year Teachers?
ITunes U –Free Audio and Visual for Instructional Enhancement
Website For Your Class – Easily Accomplished
Websites With A Cause
Something Very Clever - Geogreetings
Literature To Go
New Way For Practice and Fun - TutPup
Interactive Websites For Summer Practice
A Cool Game – I Am Addicted
A Great Vocabulary Learning Game
Any Holiday – Any Date-Any Time
Help Make the Green Wave
Tumble Books For Free
Spelling City
Earth Day Groceries Project – Coming Up Again
Teacher Book Wizard by Scholastic
Have you Ever Kerpoofed?
Sheppard Software
Need Some Extra Help Funding A Project?
Interactive Resources
Great News For MAC Users
A Fun Activity That Will Provide Some Reading Practice
Book Trailers With Photo Story
Great Website For Learning About Animals

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