Sunday, October 24, 2010

Virtual Pumpkin Carving Sites

I know I have not posted for quite a long time. I was in the process of retiring from the workshop routine, but have found my interest renewed with some upcoming opportunities and have "dived" back in to it. As I am catching up on websites, I thought I would just start up blogging again. I know I get visitors to all of my older posts, so maybe there will be some interest as I start up again. Another problem was that my Comment Section was being spammed - but I finally figured out how to correct that.
I hope all of you have been fine and trying new things in your classrooms.
Today I came across a list of Virtual Pumpkin Carving Websites posted by Kevin Jarrett . Your students should really enjoy these:
Virtual Pumpkin Carving
Theoworld's Virtuial Pumpkins
Cyberhaunts Virtual Pumpkin Carving
Virtual Jack-O-Lantern

There should be no mess with these pumpkin carvings.