Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Interactive Resources and A Note On The Day

As I promised myself I was not going to work today and just watch the inauguration activities, the truth is that I have my laptop in front of me and although I am spending much of the time on Facebook and Twitter, my mind does wonder to new sites that I keep finding. Larry Ferlazzo's Blog, always allows me to roam around his "Best Sites" for various categories and I always find something new. (maybe I need to find an activity on "run on" sentences, but I am in a pretty hyper mode today!) Anyway, the site that so impressed me today is from the Utah Education Network and is a collection of Student Interactives from other sites. Take a look at K-12 Interactions . There are so many interactive sites and I have not seen any with advertisements or distractions. I was searching for some things on high school science and found some very sophisticated concepts in fun, game-like forms.

I know many of you may not agree with my political views, but I have not made any effort to hide the fact that I am politically active for many, many issues. As I sit here filled with joy today, not because my candidate is the one being inaugurated, but for the hope that I am feeling right now. I was moved to write the following and just sent it into our newspaper and to some other messsage boards, and if you do not mind, I am going to post it here:

Tribute to Those Two Million People on the Mall

As I look out into the sea of faces of those who have come to witness in person the inauguration of Barack Obama, I am struck by a feeling of not only pride but of gratitude. I am so very grateful to these people. They have not only made unbelievable efforts to get there, spent monies that might have been hard to come by, and endured cold weather, long lines, and assorted inconveniences., but they are all seen smiling, they are cheering, and the face that they are putting out to the world has got to “shout out” such a positive message from and about our wonderful country. Thank you to all of you who traveled so very far to carry with you your hearts, your dreams, and by your beautiful attitude as you stand waiting, hope for me, a senior, and for my children and grandchildren, our future.

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