Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lots of Copyright Info - Free Digital Materials

I am so sorry I have not blogged for a while. I must tell you that I have put on my political hat for the last few weeks and stayed up late last night to revel in the victory that I had worked so hard towards. I know that many of my readers would have liked a different outcome and I respect each and every one of your views. I should probably not give any political thoughts within this blog - but this is who I am and I have just spent the last week with little sleep, lots of enthusiasm, and enormous passion - and well, I am very proud to be an American this morning and I just can't contain it!! Now on to my passion for educational technology!!!

Backed up on my blog reading, I did see where Vicki Davis shared this morning on Facebook an outstanding website on copyright and where to get wonderful resources for free images, audio, and videos to include in projects worry-free. It is called Digital Media Ethics and Royalty Free Resources . It is from a presentation that Vicki did at a conference and as always, she is so willing to share. Included on her wiki (shared document) is the Disney film about copyright that I show in my workshop. On the side, look through all of the links. There is an excellent video really explaining how to use Creative Commons with images on Flickr. There are also many, many resources for images that will be copyright-free.

If you are ready blogs, do be sure to include Vicki Davis's Cool Cat Teacher Blog as one you want to read.

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