Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Circling Illinois

I am spending the entire week in Illinois, enjoying meeting some really nice participants in both Champaigne and Springfield. In Champaigne I commiserated with the Illinois fans of the University of Illinois football team's loss and they comforted me on the "beating" that the Cleveland Indians received at the hands of the Boston Red Sox! My hubby is in mourning and maybe it is not a bad week for me to be "on the road".
We drove around some of the historic sights of Springfield and then drove on to Peoria where I am right now in the quaint Stoney Creek Inn. At least it is not so quaint that it has wireless internet service.
As promised, I have entered the web addresses for Flickr, Voice Thread, and a a site to Create Your own Stationary on my website http://www.techteachconcepts.com under Workshops 2007/2008 and then to BER K-2.
The last site mentioned just came in my email at lunchtime today. I mentioned that I always regret when I find a new website after I complete a workshop. So, in keeping with the purpose of this blog, let me tell all of you about Create Your OwnStationary, a site that I really think the primary students will love. The student can choose a border and the looks of the person pictured on the stationary, then print it out for their use.
Thanks for checking on this blog. I will be updating it as I come across things that I think the participants in the BER workshops and others reading might be able to use.

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Mariann said...

Glad to hear you liked your stop at Stoney Creek Inn...I work for the company and am always watching for comments on the web. Happy Travels...