Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Finally Something You Don't Have To Pay For

In all of my workshops, one of my favorite news to share is that there are many tools for teachers to use that are online and free. Many of these tools do so much to save time and to save money. Teaching aides that used to take you hours to make and items that you once had to make in sets of 25 or so, now can be generated right from online programs. For the most part, the ones that I have advocated have been "free for the asking".

While reading Vicki Davis's blog Cool Cat Blog , I was introduced to a really neat site filled with tools that are interactive. From the name generator to timelines to venn diagrams and to many other interactive tools Class Tools provides students with online templates that are interactive. Teachers do not have to create anything themselves and each student can create on the blank canvases that are provided by Class Tools. Here is a list of what templates are contained on this wonderful website:
  • Random Name/Word Pickeer
  • Countdown Timeer
  • Post It
  • Dust Bin Game
  • Target
  • Fishbone
  • Hamburger Diagram
  • Timeline
  • Living Graph
  • Venn Diagram
  • Learning Puzzle
  • Diamond Nine
  • Priority Chart
  • Lights Out
  • Source Analyser
  • Accelerated Learning Cycle

I am sure there will be something that you will find that you can use on Class Tools.

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