Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some Flash Games for The Younger Set

Well, I am finished with my week at the Democratic National Convention and if anyone is at all interested in my comings and goings there - check out my blog at I must warn you that it has a very Democratic slant, so you have to understand that before reading. I respect all of your leanings and I am sure everyone has different priorities on which you base your support for political candidates.

Now on to something you can use in your classroom:
ict Numeracy Games at
are created by educator James Barrett. These flash games are excellent for K-2 students to practice math. You will find game themes for number facts, counting, bridging through ten, time, shape and measures, greater than and less than, multiplication and rounding, money (this is UK money), addition, subtraction, odd and even, place values, doubles, and equivalence. Each math or numeracy theme has several games to play for practice. These are very interactive an will not only motivate, but provide good practice.

There are advertisements on this site but they are unobtrusive, your students probably won’t even notice. The games are high quality enough that this shouldn’t be a deterrent.

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