Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Great Way For Kids To Gain Practice and Have Fun!

Larry Ferlazzo's blog, although intended to share websites for ESL, always provides me with new and interesting websites for students of all ages and abilities. Tonight I read and "played with"(I hate students to use the term 'play' when they speak of the computer) a new website called Tutpup There are mainly games in math and spelling. A teacher signs up the class or a parent can sign up a child. When the teacher signs the class up, he/she chooses a unique Class Code. The kids are given this Class Code and this is the way they sign in. When signing in they also choose a color and an animal. They also choose the country where they live. I was represented as a red lizard and an American flag. I played against a purple bear with a flag of Italy.
The game and a level of difficulty are chosen. A player is chosen to be the student's opponent. The game begins and the student is playing against someone from another city or country. It will be fun for the kids to see where their opponent is from. You might want to place a picture of maps from other countries near the computer. Points are accumulated and there seems to be prizes, but I did not get far enough to receive any prizes.
I think your students will enjoy this competitive practice.

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Larry Ferlazzo said...

Hi, Judi,

Thanks for the "plug."

Were you able to see if teachers could keep track of their students work and/or if students could choose their "opponents" from their own class?