Sunday, December 20, 2009

Think Math - Lots of Great Activities

This website came from the Teacher First Newsletter today. It is called Think Math and it is from Harcourt School Publishers. The interactive tutorials can be used as review activities, to introduce new concepts, or for students to learn as groups. These exciting drill and practice activities provide feedback on right and wrong answers. For example, use "Comparing numbers" tutorials and activities to learn and practice identifying the hundreds and tens places. Each example gives immediate feedback on right and wrong answers.
Use Think Math to improve thinking about - Math! Choose either a grade level (K through 5) or a subject (such as Algebra, Geometry, Time and Money, or Data Analysis, to name a few.) Use one or more of the e-lab activities for each subject as well as interactive tutorials explaining the topic. Use the glossary in the upper left corner to understand the meaning of the terms being used. Don’t miss the “Teacher Resources” link with great Adobe PDF resources.

I know I have not written many blogs lately, but I only really want to post when I have something very worthwhile for you to examine and see how it might work in your classroom. I am hopeful that you are about to begin a wonderful winter break and that it will have in it some time to be with family and friends!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Way To "Tame The Tedious Teacher Tasks"

There is absolutely no reason for busy teachers to make and spend money on some of the classroom accessories that you may need or just want to "jazz up" an activity in the classroom. I have always spoken about "Ways To Tame The Tedious Teacher Tasks" in my workshops and my list of such resources just keeps growing. Today Pete McKay of The Teacher List wrote about a fabulous website called The Theme Machine from the Teacher Factory. This is a collection of downloadable resources for your classroom. These include name tags, bookmarks, classroom money, stationary, and many things that you might want right at your fingertips. Everything is free, colorful, and cleverly designed. You will want to check this out!