Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Once again I am taking my post straight from iLearnTechnology one of my favorite blogs. I love the way she finds all of these really practical websites - the type that teachers like because they see how they can use them right away in their classrooms. Most of the websites that Kelly Tenkely, who writes this blog, posts for us do not take a lot of learning time on the part of the teacher and I just love how practical they are.

Her suggested website today is Switcheroo Zoo. Students can switch body parts of the animals and make their own animals. But, this website has so much more. The photos of the animals are very realistic. Students can also make their own and learn all about animal habittats. There are many more games about animals and their habits. Using this website will help teach students all about many animals and their behavior.When students complete the Switch Zoo Quest and complete 9 activities they then will become a Student Guide. They receive a certificate and will be listed as an official guide. It seems to me that this site would be very motivating.

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