Monday, August 20, 2007

Looking For A Bad Link?

One website that I have shown in my workshops for the past two years has received almost a standing ovation! This website allows you to look through an archive to retrieve sites that have given you that dreaded "Cannot Find Website" error message. Most of the time the retrieved site is fully functional and available for interaction.When you have typed a URL and receive the error message, copy the URL and paste it into the Way Back Machine found at . A list of dates when the URL was last active will appear. You may have to try several dates, but one of them should produce the website you were seeking.You have the website you were looking for thanks to your computer's good memory! Sometimes I wish my memory worked so well!

If you are preparing for the opening of the school year, I hope for you that the air of excitement you are feeling now stays with you throughout the school year!

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