Sunday, June 8, 2008

Literature To Go

Hi Everyone,

I think for many of you it is almost or has been the last week of school. I would suggest that I may not see you checking in on this site until September, however, I have watched teachers for too many years and I just know that will not be the case. It always amazes me how active my listservs are during the summer with teachers making plans for the Fall right after they have finished a school year. If only the general public would understand how hard you work! Well, I do!

I subscribe to a email list which provides new websites throughout the school year. The man's name is Pete McCay and he is from Canada. I may have mentioned him before. You can look at archives and subscribe to the list here: He usually stops posting for the summer. This is from his latest post:
Lit2Go is a free online collection of stories and poems in Mp3 (audiobook) format. You can download the files to your Mp3 player and listen on your iPod, listen to the Mp3 files on your computer, view the text on a webpage and read along as you listen, and even print out the stories and poems to make your own book. If you have a battery-operated stand for an iPod, you could let students hold the printed story and listen to someone read it as an Mp3 file. Or if an individual child were listening, he/she could do it on the computer or on an individual iPod with earphones.
There are so many stories to choose from and the readers are quite good. I think this is a fabulous way to help children develop visual imagery as they imagine the scene and what the characters look like as they listen to a story. Great for your own little ones at home.

If you are embarking on some lazy days of summer, I hope you enjoy every minute. I will try to keep writing as I come across things that I think you could use.

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