Thursday, December 4, 2008

Family Internet Safety

I have always been convinced that most parents would like to be involved when it comes to teaching their children to use the Internet in a safe manner. They want their children to utilize all the benefits of the Internet, but worry with a sense of foreboding that there could be an element of "danger" lurking online. They often warn their kids about not providing too much information online, but they really do not feel equipped to actually plan out a strategy for keeping their children totally safe online. I would bet that they would be grateful for a little help with this issue!

Clicky Live will be an online program scheduled for Wednesday December 10th at 5:00 and 7:00 PM (EST). Parents and children can log on together and learn about Internet Safety during this live broadcast. Parents can think of this as a great way to "start the conversation" about how their children can keep themselves safe while enjoying the benefits of the Internet. The instructions on joining this online program from the website are:

1 RSVP– Go to Clicky Live to register yourself or your group! Clicky will be giving special shout-outs to kids and groups who register!

2 Download the Activities– For more fun before and after the show, download
and print copies of the NetSmartz activity pages.

3 Log on– Go to at the scheduled show time.
If you’re watching with a group, you can use one computer with Internet access connected to
an LCD projector or a computer lab where each child has a personal computer.

4 Ask Clicky Questions– During the show, Clicky will read your questions and answer
them live! You can ask Clicky just about anything—from what his favorite color is, to how to deal with cyberbullies. And get ready because Clicky will also ask you questions and read your responses live!

By e-mail- Send in your questions before or during the show to
By phone- Call (703) 837-6238 during the show to ask Clicky your question. You can also call
and leave a message for Clicky before the show— he may play it back live on the air! If the line is busy, don’t give up; Clicky has a lot of questions to answer! Remember to get permission from your trusted adult before you call!
By IM- Instant message Clicky during the show using any one of the following applications.
The applications may be downloaded for free from the Internet.

5 Tell us what you thought!– The folks at NetSmartz want to know. We’ll be sending out
a short survey via e-mail. If you liked the show, then let us know so we can schedule more!

One more, maybe crazy idea at this time of year, would be to invite parents to school and show the broadcast on a large screen to the parents and students, following it up with a discussion of online safety!

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