Friday, February 20, 2009

Great Website for Learning About Animals

I was just catching up on reading some of the site reviews from Education World. I came across one that I especially wanted to share as it looked like an excellent site filled with content that students can use to learn all about animals. It is well written with text and design making for clear understanding.
The Animal Fact Guide offers students and teachers information on a wide variety of animals from around the world. Each article features the animal’s characteristics, a map showing its habitat, and other interesting information. There are also links to additional online resources. Users also can download free PDF files of coloring pages, word searches, and mazes. Included is the Wildlife Blog, where readers can discuss and share information about animals and view animal photos and videos. The blog entries that I read were really interesting and would be something to have students check every day.
The Teacher Tools section features worksheets and WebQuests that encourage students to do online research.
All in all this is one of the best websites I have seen for students who want to learn interesting facts about animals.

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