Friday, August 22, 2008

iTunes U - Free Audio and Video for Instructional Enhancement

Hi Everyone,

You are probably all either enjoying your last week of summer or already going in to your classrooms for the week long setup that it will take to get your classroom looking just right for Day 1. Or maybe some of you are well into the school year (Arizona! where my grandchildren are)

I was just reading the new online copy of Tech and Learning and it provided me with lots of information for what I missed by not attending NECC Conference in San Antonio. One thing that popped out at me and I wanted to share was about the free iTunes U. It looks wonderful and may provide the videos that many of you have been looking for if your district does not provide you with a online service like United Streaming. These audio and videos can be downloaded to iPods or played right from the computer.

Visit iTunes U at and then scroll down and watch the video to learn all about how this works. It is amazing what is available. You will then have to download iTunes if you do not already have it. In searching, you will still search the iTunes store and then narrow your search by clicking on iTunes U and this is all shown in the tutorial from the main page.

Hope this is something that you will find useful.

I wish you either a great last week(s) at home or a wonderful start to the new year. I know many of you did not really take much of a break.


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