Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Revisit to VoiceThread and Some Other Web2.0 Tools

I have a Google Alert for myself, which sounds quite egotistical, but it really serves me much more than it serves my ego. What it does is send me an email when my name is mentioned on the web. I also get emails when other Judi Wolf's names are mentioned.
Today, I got something written by Peggy George (a wonderful guru in this field who has been helpful to me for many years). It took me to this wiki from a WEB 2.0 Workshop that Peggy had conducted This is absolutely full of ideas and further links that just kept me engaged for way too long - but, while hooked on it, I gathered many new ideas and knowledge on the workings of some new tools. The sections on Voicethread. Remember to go to the K-12 portion of Voicethread and when you go to the "Buy" it will show you the free version, Ed.VoiceThread, which is practically Free - I think a one time $10.00 fee. Anyway, I digress......
Two excellent things I got from this Wiki, among many others was the VoiceThread done by someone named Sue, invited people from all over to add to it and to use the pen (shows up when you are recording) to show your location. I am hoping some of you will use this opportunity to practice using Voicethread by adding a comment on Sue's VoiceThread. Find it here. I also liked this very extensive list of ideas for using VoiceThread. It is from Ned's \Keeper Blog. It is called 36 Ways to Use VoiceThread.

Now, to review this posting as I know I have gone from one thing to another. Take a look at the Wiki from Peggy George

Look at and possibly add to Sue's VoiceThread

Check out Ned's 36 Uses For VoiceThread

I hope all of you are enjoying your Winter Break, which must seem to be speeding by. I wish all of you a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

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