Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Cool Game - I am Addicted!

Most of the websites I point out are for you as an educator or for your students to enhance their learning. This one is totally different. One of my blogs led me to another blog , Sega Tech (I spend way too much time going from one blog to another!). Anyway, Sega Tech describes five games that are supposedly gaining information so that computers can become more intelligent. You can read about it on this blog, however, you can also just jump down to the one game that I have found to be soooo addictive. It is called Verbosity You do have to register (not much information needed) and then when you begin the game, you are paired with another person. One of you describes a given word and your opponent guesses the word. The next time your opponent is describing a word and you are guessing. Points are given and a timer is in operation. I have been playing a lot this evening and finding it a lot of fun. If you have upper elementary students, they might enjoy this.

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