Thursday, March 19, 2009

An Easy Project That Can Make A Difference

I bet some of you thought I was never going to come back from being on the high seas! I must admit, leaving the warmth and sunshine of the Caribbean was tough, but also not being waited on for each meal and snack is my least favorite entry into reality.

But, as I prepare for a five day week of workshops on the east coast next week - I have been catching up on my blog reading and podcast listening.

I remembered seeing this project that I would like to recommend as a way for students to use persuasive communication to influence the adults in the school community to make a small change for Earth Day.

The Project Description is as follows:
Elementary, middle school, or high school students will ask faculty and staff to carpool on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009 - Earth Day. They will compare the number of cars in their parking lot on an average day to the number of cars on Earth Day. Students can determine the average amount of carbon monoxide not released to the atmosphere or just calculate the number of cars not on the road that day.

The website gives a lot of information about carbon emision and how students can calculate the carbon savings. There are already 26 schools signed up and students can find the locations of these schools on the map. They will also be sharing data with all of the other student participants.

You will also find materials needed to present this project to your students and to the staff at your school. Everything you need is here: Earth Day Carpoolling Project

I think it is a cool project!

The wwebsite for this projecty

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