Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tumblebooks - Free?

I have always liked the Tumble Book Library for kids. They are wonderful animated ebooks for students to enjoy online at school or at home. There is a subscription cost that has prohibited many schools from providing these online books for their students. It seems that the New York Public Library has paid for a subscription that allows anyone who accesses the library's online site to view and enjoy these books. You have to travel to this site in a certain way so that the access is FREE! First go to the New York Public Library website - Under SEARCH(at the top) put Tumblebooks (one word). In the results choose the first one "Ten Results for the NYPL website" Next choose "What's New". Scroll down until you come to the TumbleBook icon and word. Click on it and it will allow you into all of the books.
My ethical thoughts on this is that I called the NYPL and was told that anyone can join the library and everything put online was not only for members. I am sure that they have provided this resource and many others to spread reading opportunities to children everywhere.

We had the most marvelous Spring week here for the visit from my grandchildren. It has been sunny all day every day and i will never complain about Cleveland weather again. Yeah! Wait until next winter!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Tumblebooks are the best!