Friday, November 30, 2007

Playing With Photos - Fun For You and the Students

I have been having some fun with some free programs on the Internet that allow me to be creative with the digital images I have from the camera, scanner, or from stock photos on Flickr. I see amazing potential in allowing students to create and design using pictures. NCLB still allows some time for creating and designing, don't they??? I happen to think that creating and designing are really problem solving and constructive thinking and these sites really lend themselves to these areas.

One of them is Stained Glass Collage and allows you or your students to upload pictures and easily make them into a collage to email or to insert into a website. There is a printing option, which involves ordering the collage. A participant in my workshop last year sent me an example of what he does with this program and you can find it here: on the side to his Math Link. He has two up, so scroll down. This is the way he honors the kids who completed their Math Facts goals. I can even link one into my blog at You can also upload your collage to Flickr.

The other fun site is ScrapBlog. There are templates for making your online scrapbook, but what really looks fun is to start with a blank page. You upload your pictures and then add the stickers, backgrounds, text and balloons, shapes, and even videos. Everything that you buy from the shelves of craft stores are there for your students to use. There are already done examples that are much better than my efforts, so I will let you browse through them. I would love to see some examples of how any of you use these two websites.

They are fun, they are easy, and they are FREE!
Hope all is well with all of you,

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