Sunday, November 9, 2008

You Tube For the Littles Ones

I am getting ready to go on the road this week and my addendum is ready as is the reworked presentation, but, of course, then I start reading blogs and listening to podcasts! More and more wonderful websites keep popping out and the decision is to I add them at the last minute or just have a "stopping point" for adding new things.
This one just blew me away! Of course I found this by reading a blog that referred me to another blog and then that blog had this link. I totally can get lost in the intertwined network of educators all willing to share what they know.
This is a You Tube for the very youngest. It is called Totlol. There are some wonderful learning videos (alphabet and early literacy) and ones that just entertain. You can build a collection for your class so that your students will know exactly which ones are available for them.

Take a look at it - I think you will like this sight or if it is not for your grade level, pass it along to a colleague who teaches the little ones.

On to more exploring!


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