Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Taking Some Courses

I know that the students in your classrooms are not always the only ones who are starting a new semester. So many teachers that I know are taking courses either to get their first, second, or third Masters or to just keep themselves "up to date"! I give you all so much credit - teaching all day then taking a hopefully interesting course, and then studying and writing papers - oh my, oh my!!!

Let me see if I can make your life just a little easier. Well, really not me - I just deliver the message. David Warlick is the hero behind this wonderful Internet Tool called Citation Maker or as he calls his latest version Son of Citation Maker. All you have to do is click on the type of format that you want for your citation on the left and then choose the source (includes print and non-print options), complete the form, and poof the citation is ready for you to paste and copy.

I do not think of this as "cheating" at all! The important thing is not whether you remember where each comma and colon goes, it is the fact that you care enough to site your sources.

The Citation Machine can be found at http://citationmachine.net/ and again, we thank David Warlick for this wonderful Internet Tool.

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