Sunday, June 29, 2008

Something Very Clever

Hi Everyone,

I know that I have not blogged for some time, but I am hopeful that many of you are taking a little break yourselves, so that you have not been concerned with the every day life of teaching as you are during the school year. In other words, I am feeling certain that you are not waiting each day for my newest blog!

I have had this one on my "To Look At" list for quite a while and I have finally played with it and think it is so cool. I will leave it up to you to decide how you will use it with your classes, but you may enjoy sending a message or two to friends this summer.

It is Geogreetings found at . It was devised by a computer science student in Minnesota, who by his own admission, has become obsessed with it. What he determined is that many satellite maps show different buildings in the shape of letters. So therefore, any message that you might want to send, Geogreetings converts it into places that will give the image of each individual letter in your message. You can then click on the letter and zoom in and see the building that was the letter used. It is just downright fun! You can either send the link to a friend or do it in the form of an Electronic Greeting.

Here is a message that I did for you!


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