Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Best Thanksgiving Website I Have Seen

As very often happens, the participants in my workshops very often share with me some websites that I have never visited and am not aware of. Today in Syracuse, NY, was one of those days. One of the teachers stayed after the closing of the session to show me the site that she uses when studying colonial times and the First Thanksgiving. It gives the student the role of the Historian and asks them to discover what really happened at the first Thanksgiving. There is a spectacular introduction (sometimes I skip over these, but don't do it here). Then there is a section where they dispel some common myths about Thanksgiving. The next section allows the students to really look into the lives of a Wampanoag boy and an English colonist girl. There is just so much on this site, that you have to examine it and will want to visit it with your class before Thanksgiving. It can be found at the Plimoth Plantation Website - You Are A Historian . Enjoy!

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