Thursday, April 3, 2008

Teacher Book Wizard by Scholastic

For those of you who have attended my workshops know that I find the Scholastic Network to be a really good resource for teachers. I have also shown Book Adventure for its wonderful book search abilities. Well, now there is an added feature to the Scholastic Network that provides many options for book searches and I think it is even better than Bailey Book Finder on Book Adventure. I read about it on a wonderful blog called ILearn written by Kelly Tenkely. The ILearn blog can be found at
Teacher Book Wizard is an amzing free tool from Scholastic. At first I thought that it would only do a search for Scholastic Books, but it searches over 50,000 books through many categories. There is even a feature that allows you to enter the name of a book that a student enjoyed and find other books that would be similar. You can search by grade level, reading level, and many other ways. Go to the site and Take the Tour. You will see that this is a tool that all teachers can use.


Anonymous said...

This is a great tool. I make individual book lists for each topic I teach and for each child. I leveled my entire class library using this tool. The entire site is great...and nice to see that Scholastic continues to keep it free. I am on there every day! It gets better all the time.

Mark said...

I'm going to make lists for my space, plant, and animal units. This conference period I printed out lists of books for most of my parents, so they could go to the book store or library to get books for home reading time.