Saturday, August 23, 2008

Know Some Student Teachers or First Year Teachers?

Hi Everyone,

I just came along a wonderful article written by Christina Laun and I know that there are new people in your schools that could really benefit from your passing this on to them. t is called Baptism by Fire: 100 Essential Tips and Resources for Student Teachers. It is chalk full of websites of resources, blogs, professional organizations, and message boards that are speciffically for the student teacher or the first year teacher. It can be found at
I know the newest members of your faculty would really appreciate it if you would email them this article filled with websites just for them.

I will be in Denver this week for the Democratic National Convention. I am not a delegate, but acxtive in the party and invited by my sister-in-law who is the vice chair of the DNC. My husband and i are making a vacation of it and really looking forward to it. I may get to some blogging on this site as I will be listening to podcasts on the plane tomorrow, but if you have the least bit of interest in my activities in Denver, check out my blog at .


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