Thursday, September 11, 2008

You Tube-Then Teacher Tube-Now School Tube

I read about School Tube on Teachers' First - the wonderful list of Featured Websites that comes to my mailbox each Sunday. It is a website where you can now upload safely videos made by your students in your class and share them with their families and other classrooms. Of course, no last names are ever used and I would also be careful about the location of the school or even the school name if it can be connected to a specific city. Teachers' First had such a good explanation, I am going to use most of theirs here:

This safe, free site lets students and teachers show off their talents by sharing their appropriate videos to be viewed all over America. With a simple registration, you can upload your classroom video, which then goes into a “holding” area. That video then awaits approval by the website’s moderator before becoming available. Because of the layering of approval, this site poses no security concerns to students or schools. Not only can teachers and students upload videos, but administrators may also want to post welcome or informational videos to be viewed by parents and students. You may also wish to share some of these videos with your class. Teachers will find videos suitable for classroom instruction (and lesson plans). Use the search box at the top of the webpage to look for topics that relate to your current units of study. If your school blocks streaming video sites, consider accessing this site and choosing videos at home, using a tool such as Vixy (reviewed here) to bring them in on a USB stick for class use. Searching the site and simply viewing the videos does not require any registration or log-in.

I thought that this sounded quite useful as it is totally filtered to be for student use and should have some appropriate videos that go along with instruction.

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