Monday, May 12, 2008

Any Holiday - Any Date - Any Time

Now, I know that none of you woke up this morning wondering when Ho Chi Minh's Birthday was in Vietnam or when Cameroon's national Day would be celebrated, however, you never know when you might want to locate a holiday in a specific country, by a specific date, or by a religion. Well, here it all is in a very cleverly put-together website that makes you feel like you have the neatest Datebook sititng on your desk. It is the Earth Calender and can be found at I found out about it through Kathy Schrock's Sites of the School Days, which I receive about once a week. Sign up to get on this mailing list here:

Take a look at the Earth Calendar. You will be fascinated by just "leafing" through it, then file it under Reference. You may one day really have a need to use it.

I hope all of you had a fabulous Mother's Day, either your own or with a loved one who has "mothered" you.

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