Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Great Graph Maker and Free!

I have had two wonderful workshops with terrific participants today in Denver and yesterday in Dallas. If only I was not dependent on air travel to get me from one city to another, this would be a very stimulating type of life. There were so many people in these workshops who are doing some wonderful things already in their classrooms and computer labs and they have shared some websites with me that were totally new to me.

I will try to relate some of these to you in the next few blogs. The best Graph Maker for kids that I had used over the years was a piece of software from Tom Snyder Productions. It was costly on a district level, but served the purpose when there was nothing else to allow students to create graphs in order to collect and record data. Now there is a graph maker that is entirely free. It is Create a Graph from Kidzone

Students can select a design (type of graph), then enter their data and labels and print the graph. There is also a section called Dared to Compare that allows students to take tests and then compare how they did in a graph form other students from around the world.

The best thing is the tutorial on the first page of this website. It will walk you right through Create a Graph.

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