Thursday, February 25, 2010

Make Your Own Online Jigsaw Puzzles

I have always recommended Jigzone as the best website for solving online jigsaw puzzles. This addictive site is still a favorite of mine and it did offer an opportunity to upload your own pictures to create personalized puzzles. However, Pete McKay, of The Teacher List, made me aware of an even better site for creating and solving online jigsaw puzzles. On The Jigsaw Planet you have an easier upload of your pictures, image size did not seem to be a problem, and a much bigger space to solve the puzzle. In the Advanced Mode you can also select the number of pieces as well as the shape of the pieces. By using the URL of the puzzle you create, you can link the puzzles to a website and have the students solve their own puzzles at home. All of this comes with no sign up and is free. One more thing, Jigzone is filled with distracting adverstisements and The Jigsaw Planet has none. Love this new site!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New project Open For Registration

This project is for K-3rd. Grade Classes. It is a simple project but is filled with ideas of using math, graphing, counting, and categorizing. It is a St. Patrick's Day project and will involve activities with a box of Lucky Charms. Only Jen Wagner can put together a project that does so much with something as simple as a box of cereal. Take a look and register HERE. You and your students will have so much fun and really benefit from being a part of a project done by other students and with other students from all over the world!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Digital Storytelling Teacher Guide - Yours For Downloading!

Free Technology For Teachers a blog that I try to read every day, certainly lives up to its name as it guides me right to the newest tools and/or resources that are available for teachers and, most importantly, FREE! Today Mr. Byrne, the author of this blog introduced us to a wonderful PDF free publication about Digital Storytelling in the Classroom. It is called The Digital Storytelling Teacher Guide. It includes information on using Microsoft Movie Maker and Microsoft Photo Story 3, but even if you are a Mac User or you don't choose to use the free Microsoft software tools, there is still so much contained within the guide to help you engage your students in digital story telling. The writing, storyboarding, preparation for creating their stories really builds a lot of skills that will help them in all fields of learning. I am a true believer in using digital storytelling in the classroom and this guide will certainly do much to get you started or to provide you with many new ideas.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

TES IBoard - Interactivities for Computer or Whiteboard

I just came across a wonderful website with lots of interactive learning activities for K-3rd. graders. All of these activities are suitable for and interactive whiteboard. I first read about this when they were charging for the site, however, now it has been purchased by part of the United Kingdom schools and they have made it free for everyone. It is called TES IBoard and is loaded with activities for every discipline. I like the way the sites are almost full screen and have no surrounding distractions. There is something here for everyone!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

World Math Day

World Math Day is coming up on March 3, 2010. This is a day when students can compete online with students from all over the world. The content is math skills and use mental math. Each session lasts for 60 seconds. Registration is now open on the Math World Day Website. There are over 500 games and those who score well are put into a Hall of Fame. Everyday until March 3rd., students can practice on the website. This is absolutely free. Last year 2 million students from 204 countries participated. Won't this be great for your students?