Wednesday, August 20, 2008

OREO Project Posted and Ready For Registration

Hi Everyone,

You know that I talk passionately about engaging your students in online collaborative projects. I really believe that a lot of learning can place along with the experiences that can only come from being a part of a global project such as this.

The task for you and your students is quite simple. Students will stack oreos and then average the numbers that are tallied before the "tumble". When young children who have not experienced averaging are doing this project, teachers can do the averaging "whole class" and the students will understand the results because they are engaged in the process. There are all sorts of other activities that Jen Wagner, who does so much to initiate the most wonderful projects, suggests and makes available to you. The project takes place from September 15 - October 10, but registration is open now - so register your class before you forget!

http://www.jenuinet /2008oreo/ register. htm


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