Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jen Wagner Announces her First Project of the Year!

You all know, if you have heard me present, how passionate I am about having a class participate in an online collaborative project. Going beyond the classroom walls and introducing your class to envirionments around the world is an experience that will go long to meet many of your teaching objectives.
The first project of the year from JenuineTech is called A Room With A View. Here you will see the Introduction page and see what this year-long project will entail. It really is quite simple on your part, however, the results that will be posted will allow you to take your students travelling, virtually, to many, many places. One teacher has already made a website about her students' participation in the project at

Jen provides all the Resources you will need and the registration page can be found here:

I hope that many of you will take advantage of the opportunities that come with a project such as this. Again I am in awe of Jennifer Wagner!

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