Friday, February 27, 2009

Tip Sheets - "How To's" For All Types of Technology

I have just learned about Shawn Brandt and his blog TIP Technology Integration Program. On his blog you will see these Tip Sheets that will come up as Word Documents and provide very detailed directions for using so many technology tools. I was "blown away" by the Tip Sheet on using Audacity for podcasting. The step by step directions finally made it crystal clear to me how to not only use Audacity for recording, but how to exactly turn it into an MP3 file for placement on a website.
Under TIP Projects, Shawn has given us very detailed lessons for using Photo Story (Microsoft) for digital storytelling. Even if you are using IMovie for the Mac, there are good suggestions for creating digital story telling projects.
Take a look at this blog and see how many tools are covered by the TIP Sheets. They are just terrific! A lot of work has gone into each of them! Thank you Shawn.

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