Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Fun Site for You and Some Abraham Lincoln Activities

I had seen this once before, but forgot to save it and forgot what it was called. This has nothing to do with Teaching and Learning, but I think it is such a great Homepage, where every website that is a favorite one for many people is right there for your clicking pleasure! It is called AllMyFaves . I saw it again on the blog called Phyllis' Favorites .

Coming up on Abraham Lincoln's Birthday reminded me that I have a favorite Abe Lincoln website that has been around since 1996. I think it was first done by Tammy Payton (I hope I am giving credit to the right person). Anyway, I think it is great when a website is around for so long and I do not believe that good old Abe has done anything new in the last 12 years! Twelve years is unheard of for a website!!!! Take a look at Abraham Lincoln .

And....while I am thinking of Abe Lincoln, I hope many of you signed up for Jen Wagner's HappyBirthday, Mr. Lincoln's Online Project. I think you can still sign up and participate.

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