Sunday, January 20, 2008

There is an Audience Out there!

I just installed a Stat Counter on this blog and when checking it have found out that I definitely have readers checking in. Realizing this, I thought I had better blog a little more often, so as not to disappoint my visitors.
Today was one of those days that I never left the house. It was a high of 11 degrees here in Cleveland and because of the MLK holiday, I am only presenting four days this week. I am off to St. Louis, Kansas City, Atlanta, and Mobile, AL this week. I am not sure that the Logistics Department at BER has a good grasp of the U.S. map (only kidding, they do an excellent job)! I am ready for a great week and hopefully on time flights.
I thought I would borrow from David Warlick's blog today because he wrote about a product that I thought many of you would be interested in as I certainly was. I didn't know that video cameras had become so compact, inexpensive, and so easily downloaded onto the computer. Quoting from David, " The Flip camera, is a new inexpensive and small video camera.
Thumbing through the U.S. Airlines inflight magazine, I found an ad for this very simple yet stylish pocket digital camera-looking device that takes video.
Flip Video Ultra (60 minutes, black) Digital Camcorder reviews - CNET Reviews:
At the time of this writing, the best selling camcorder at isn’t a model from Sony, Canon, or Panasonic. It happens to be the Flip Video Ultra, the third iteration of Pure Digital Technologies’ simple plug-and-play video camera that features a hideaway USB connector and built-in software that makes viewing and sharing your videos incredibly easy.
It comes in colors, and it ranges in price from $149 to $179*. The best thing about it is a retractable USB plug, so you simply plug the camera into your Mac or PC, and you’re moving the video file to your machine for further enhancement.
This really sounds like it would be great for podcasting and making videos in the classroom and maybe within budget constraints.
I, personally, am going to purchase one for my husband for our upcoming 41st. anniversary. He will have fun with it on our end of February cruise.

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