Monday, January 28, 2008

An Int.eresting Look at an Unfortunate Disaster

Now, what does that have to do with the "Best of the Best" websites? OK - I will admit that it is not a new tool to use in your classes. I don't just have a bag of great new tools waiting to pass on to you and this week I have just not had any new ones worth writing about.
However, I did have a wonderful week in St. Louis, Kansas City, Atlanta, and Mobile, AL. There were five airplanes in four days, but all were on time and without incident and I am grateful for that.
So what is this new website that I find fascinating? Well, while in Mobile, AL, I learned so many new things about the gulf coast. Did you know Mardi Gras originated in Mobile and not in New Orleans? Did you know that there are more Mardi Gras activities in Mobile, AL than in New Orleans? I know if I would have stayed I would have had a few hosts to take me to the parade as the group was just all about "southern hospitality". I had a real great impression for a first time visit.
Anyway, I digress - as I was talking about not knowing much about Mobile, the participants told me how much damage that they received during Katrina. They explained it as New Orleans having a devastating flood, but Mobile really suffered more (I am sure they are not trying to "outdo" each other) damage from the Hurricane than New Orleans did.
To finally get to the interesting website - The Sun Herald of the Gulf Coast has a section that shows homes and other buildings before and after the Hurricane. I found that the way they showed the "before and after" really compelling to look at. It was just one more illustration of how technology has made a concept come alive - it did for me. Take a look and if any teachers you know talk about natural disasters, you might want to pass this site on to them - It can be found at Scroll down to a small box that says "Before and After" if it does not load on to the list of houses.

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