Sunday, January 13, 2008

A New Teacher Tool Worth Seeing

For those of you who have taken my suggestion and have subscribed to the TeachersFirst Newsletter, you will know about this new teacher tool from this morning's wonderful list of new websites. May I take this time to encourage any of you who have not yet subscribed to this weekly newsletter that you do now?

The website that I saw as being so useful is Flash Card Data Base Maker. It is quite simple to come up with the flash cards to be used for online study, simply putting in a word and an answer. You can save all of your sets of flashcards and if you tag them and make them public and others can use them also. Of course, checking out the tags that could be useful to your students will lead you to flash card sets already prepared. Again, we see Web 2.0 and the fabulous ability to participate in social networking, useful to everyone.

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