Friday, July 24, 2009

Get Ready For Some Special Offers For Teachers

This is the time of year that all of the stores are offering specials on school supplies. They are also doing their best to get teachers into their stores. Two stores that will really have "Teacher Appreciation Day" Specials will be office Max and Staples. For both of these, it would be wise to join their Teacher Awards Programs now, so that you can become aware of these specials as soon as they are happening. I know that Office Max is no offering 50% laminating for teachers who are members of the Teacher Perks Award Program. I know they once had Free laminating, but they could not keep up with the demand and have now instituted the 50% policy which is very nice if you have a lot of laminating to do.
Here is what you need to do now:
Join Office Max Teachers Perks Program by going to the Office Max Perks Website and click on the dark grey box on the right that is for teachers. Sign up for a card with your email address and you will be notified of their special Teacher Appreciation Day. From what their Customer Service person told me when I called is that on certain days when they sell school supplies for a penny, teachers with the Awards Card, will have no limits on how many they buy, where others will be limited.
Staples is having a Teacher Appreciation Day in August. Go HERE to find out the day and date in your area. They also have a Teacher Rewards Card that I signed up for. You will then earn Reward Points and get emails about their specials for teachers.
I know you all spend way too much money out of your own pockets - so maybe this little bit of information will help!

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