Friday, August 7, 2009

Tutorials for Web 2.0 Tools

As the summer is winding down, we are all set for some review and thinking about those Web 2.0 tools that will really enhance instruction this year. Many of you who have been in my workshops know that I showed these tools, but did not delve deeply into the way to use them. I referred you to some tutorials. Now, just in time, all week long, Mr. Byrne who writes Free Technology For Teachers (who I do not think took one vacation day from posting all summer) has prepared some excellent tutorials that make all of these wonderful tools so "user friendly". I have listed and linked you to each of this week's blog postings as he took one tool each day except yesterday when he did a post on Animoto and Voice Thread. The others are for Wikispaces (Make sure you are on the teachers' page so your wiki will be free and ad-free. For the blogs, he uses Edublogs, Blogger, and Word Press.
So for a quick review or to remember why you thought all of these had such potential for the new school year, these tutorials will get you started. Thank you Mr. Byrne!

Using Wikispaces for Creating Wikis
Setting Up A Blog
How To Use Glogster For Education
Animoto and Voice Thread Tutorials
Another Post About Animoto

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