Monday, July 6, 2009

Some Learning Games That Really Teach

I hope that most of you are taking advantage of some "relaxation" time this summer. But, if I know teachers as I think I do, many of you are starting to think of the new school year and taking a few hours each day to make some plans and to find some new activities. There certainly a lot of interactive activities here at e-Learning For Kids , a site that I discovered on one of my favorite blogs Free Technology For Teachers. This site refers to all of the activities as "courses" for students, however I think they are interactive websites that will help to develop a concept or idea within your curriculum. Each activity, in so many categories, provides both learning and practice. This website offers activities in math, language arts, science, computer skills, health and life skills, and ESL/EFL. Each one is listed with a brief description and a recommended age group. e-Learning for Kids is available in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. I think you will want to take a quick look at this website now and come back to it when you are really in the "school mode"! Enjoy the rest of the summer. The weather is finally beautiful in Cleveland.

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