Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tell Them They Are Great - Time For Awards!

I remember at this time of year ordering box of Award Certificates and filling in the To: and For: lines and then signing each one. Besides the time that this took, I also spent a substantial amount of money for these blank awards. There are several websites that now offer free award certificates ready to print. I usually refer to Education World Tools and Templates for award certificates. However, this week I saw references to a new site at both ILearn Technology and on Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day and I know I received it on a few list serves and saw it on Twitter. I finally gave it a good look and decided that I had to pass it on to you.
My Award Maker is a free, quick and easy website that allows you to make and print out certificates for all types of categories including sports, school, special occasions, etc. Each category has so many different types of awards to choose from and you are able to type in the name, your name, the date, etc. When you are ready to print it out, it has a finished, professional look.
Another "freebie" brought to you by the Internet! Life is great!

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Suki said...

Thanks for reviewing MyAwardMaker. I'm still finding it hard to believe how fast word has spread about my site! Glad it's helping :)