Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rhyming Time Help

Write Rhymes is a wonderfully fun website that gives your kids a little help in rhyming words as they write a poem. I heard about it while listening to an older podcast of the Women of Web2.0, a wonderful podcast that is now on every other Tuesday evening, 9:00 eastern time. It is a simple website with a space to write a poem. When you get to a word that you would like a rhyming word for, hold the alt key at the end of the word and click on it to find a rhyme for it. A new box will appear with one, two, and three syllable words that will work as a rhyme for the word that you clicked.
At the bottom, you will have the opportunity to save it to a text file, like Notepad, copy it to put into a document, or print it.

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