Friday, April 24, 2009

Bring American History To Life!

Seeing it in video form as a student has the ability to read the transcript provides the best of both worlds into gaining information about a subject. All of the content matter from this website is from events that have taken place in American History. It is very cleverly done as the transcript is highlighted as the film is shown. I learned about it by reading the blog Free Technology For Teachers, one of my favorite blogs. The website is called American History in Video .

Quoting straight from the blog:
more than 400 hours of documentary and news videos on American History. In the future American History in Video will provide more than 2000 hours of video.

The content on American History in Video can be searched by historical era, event, person, and places. American History in Video features documentary-style videos and videos of old newsreels and news broadcasts.

American History in Video offers users the option to create a clip of a video. The clipping option could be particularly useful when dealing with long videos that you may not want to show in entirety to your students. All of the videos on American History in Video can be embedded into a blog or website.

Being able to use just a clip of the videos make it useful for even the younger students.

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