Monday, April 6, 2009

New Website For Lots of Teacher Tools

I know I have not written in this blog for a while, but, to tell you the truth, nothing new has really excited me in the last week or two, and I am sure you do not want to just hear me "talk". I think it had to do with many educators being on Spring Break. Sometimes, i read about or listen to many, many ideas all at once, and then there is a "dry spell". I am sure we have so many things to explore on our plates, that having no new things for a while is sometimes refreshing!

Today I received my monthly newsletter from Jen Wagner. She is the wonderful California educator who organized the best online collaborative projects. Anyway, Jen publishes a newsletter ever month and if you want to subscribe to it for a very minimal cost, I would suggest you sign up HERE.

This month she wrote about another great website for helping teachers make some interactive online games to use as review for your students. There is a template for making Jeopardy Games and Speed match Games as well as a Seating Chart Maker and some other great tools. Take a look at SuperTeaching Tools. I think you will find it to be a very useful site.

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Dierdre said...

Hi, I was in your seminar in October in Phoenix, and LOVE your blog! Very helpful. I thought of something else you may have already found, but thought I'd let you know just in case. It's another blog in the same vein as yours (and the website you offered in your last post) It's at
See what you think! :-)