Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jen Wagner Opens Lincoln Project Registration Early

I always knew that Jen Wagner's projects would keep gathering popularity and it seems like previews have led to so many views of the project that she has decided to open the registration as of now. The project is called Happy 200th. Birthday Abraham Lincoln and can be found here. In celebration of Lincoln's 200th. Birthday, participants in this project will participate in one or more of the suggested activities:
  • Create and send birthday cards to the Abraham
    Lincoln Bicentennial Commission.
  • Create a podcast or a voicethread about what they have learned about Abraham Lincoln.
  • Add facts about Abraham Lincoln to a shared Wiki.
  • Engage in activities using pennies.
There are also many suggested expansion activities to do with your class.
You and your students will enjoy seeing all the projects that classes from many places will post. Jen has provided so many resources and directions for engaging in any of the facets of this project.
I will certainly be looking forward to seeing the results and where they all come from. Remember all of the occasions students will have to learn geography, math, and history through this project. Realizing that students all over the United States are participating right along with them makes this a very exciting learning experience.
A big salute and extreme gratitude to Jen who once again has developed an online collaborative experience for all of us! Thanks, Jen - I so admire you!

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