Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Be Sure to Register For the Iditerod Online Project

Each year, Walter MacKenzie does a superb job of hosting a project during the Iditerod Race in Alaska. Classes that participate in this project will:
  • study the trail and musher biographies
  • create a wall-sized map of the trail
  • select a musher to follow in this year's race
  • track the selected musher's progress as the race occurs
  • post to each checkpoint's blog as the selected musher reaches each stop on the trail
  • complete the problem solving tasks you find at each checkpoint's blog
  • arrive in Nome vicariously with your selected musher
  • receive an official 2008 eIditarod class certificate for completion of the trail!
Walter MacKenzie provides all of the support materials and step by step directions. Registration is open right now (I believe just until the end of this week) and all information can be found at the Project Website.

Consider participating in this wonderful project. It will really bring this Alaskan event to life!

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