Thursday, September 18, 2008

Flat Stanley Project

I am sure that most teachers have heard of if not participated in a Flat Stanley Project. Based on the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown, teachers and students have been mailing or emailing pictures of "flattened" characters around the country or around the world. This little prop seems to make students want to write about their own community and share their own space with a visiting Flat Stanley. They also willingly send their Flat Stanleys traveling throughout the world and digest the information received upon his return. Teachers can help students to follow the trip on maps or Google Earth and all areas of the curriculum can be developed through this project.
Everything you need to know in order to engage in a Flat Stanly project is available at the main Flat Stanley Project website This site will help you to match your class with another class willing to do this project.
You might have heard that Jeff Brown (or his estate right after he died) was suing this teacher from Canada who started this project. I read his blog and tghe whole ordeal is very close to settlement, but the site is definately up and running. He is thinking of making a Flat Family Project site after all of the litigation is settled. I believe he was found to not have crossed any copyright laws, but there was a threat of this site closing down.
Take a look at the list of participating classes and I am sure you will see locations where you may want to send individual or class Flat Stanleys.

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