Sunday, August 16, 2009

Get an Acer Netbook for Preview/or Great Price

Hi Everyone,

I hope many of you are enjoying this weekend and not sitting inside planning for the upcoming school year....but, if I know teachers - many of you are, if not actually planning, you are thinking about planning.

It is time to get in on a wonderful program for teachers from Acer, the company that makes those very reliable, very small laptops that are really easily portable and convenient.

There is a program that goes like this: You, as a teacher apply (deadline is August 30, 2009) and they send you this computer with no cost to you. You are then obligated to listen to 2 conference sales calls. After 30 days, you then decide if you want to keep the netbook for $199.00 -(most prices I saw were over $325.00) or whether you want to send it back in the box they provide postage-free. With your application also comes a chance to be one of three classes outfitted with a class set of these netbooks.

This is something I really wanted to be a part of. However, I was told that I did not qualify since I was not connected to a school. Boy, I would have loved one of those for travel for under $200.00. So, the next best thing is to pass this offer on to all of you! Good Luck!
Acer Seed Unit Program

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