Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's been a busy week traveling - lots of planes. I am now in Madison, WI (I love college towns) and then it is off to Appleton, WI tomorrow. We are able to drive there tonight so that makes me very happy.
I got my PBS Teacher Source Newsletter and was introduced to a brand new program and a new website put out by PBS. It is called SUPER WHY. Anyone who is working with emerging readers will want to see this. It can be viewed on line or subscribed to free through ITunes to be viewed on an IPOD.
SUPER WHY is a preschool -Grade 1 series designed to help kids ages with the critical skills that they need to learn to read (and love to read!) as recommended by the National Reading Panel (alphabet skills, word families, spelling, comprehension and vocabulary).
Each episode is a 24-minute reading adventure in Storybrook Village, a magical 3-D world hidden behind the bookshelves in a children's library. In every episode, one of the friends encounters a problem with another Storybrook Village character (For instance, Jill from the Jack and Jill rhyme is not being nice). The Super Readers with their literacy power help to solve problems. I think it looks great for the little ones!

I am coming home late tomorrow night after both of my kids and their children arrive for the Passover Holiday. If you celebrate Passover, may yours be a good one surrounded by family and friends.

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