Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Spelling Activity Site - And You Can Use Your Own Words!

Education World this week had an interesting site for kids to use to learn spelling words by hearing them, practicing them, and then playing some games with them. Teachers can make their own spelling lists. There are also many lists already available. After the students have mastered their spelling words a certificate can be printed. Teachers and parents also can enter and save spelling lists, and a forum allows them to share lists and ideas.

It is called Spelling City - There is lots of information right on the first page to get you started.

I think that this is one site that you could share with the parents of your students and they would really apprecaite this extra way of doing the nightly spelling word practice at the kitchen table. I am going to send it to my daughter to use with my second grade grandaughter who know all of the 24 finalists on American Idol, but has to really work on those spelling words!

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